The Vital Steps to Follow when Filing For Trademark Registration

1A trademark identifies your goods and services to your customers whereby it can be a logo or a name as long as it is distinctive and connects the product to your business.  As a business owner or person, it is crucial for you to have the trademark so as to distinguish you from any other kinds of businesses being transacted maybe similar to your business. The distinction of the trademark goes a long way in ensuring that clients and customers can relate and identify with your products and services.  For you to own and use the trademark in your business, products and services, it is crucial for you to have it registered.


As you plan to register the trademark, it is crucial for you to assess the viability of it being a trademark.  Ensure that you put in time and resources to enable you research and see whether or not there are other trademarks or rather duplicate trademarks on the web or anywhere else. In this process, it is crucial for you to consult your property attorney to help you ascertain the viability of the trademark as well as determining the copyrighting possibility. After this, you can now proceed on determining how you will display the trademark so that it can be affixed and associated with your goods and services, more info!


When creating the trademark at IGERENT, it is important for you to ensure that you have a valid email address for the correspondece with the state laws.  As a business owner looking to achieve a trademark, it is vital for you to ensure that whatever you use for the email name and address is professional and portrays the professionalism vies of your business.  After this process, it is important for you to format and describe the trademark as well as the business before you make the submission.  When selecting the image file to upload, it is crucial for you to ensure that it does not exceed five megabytes.  Photographs may also be used whereby they need to be edited and put in the right format and mode, at a small fee.


After all these things or steps, you then need an average time of around one hour to make the submissions to the trademark system.  For the trademark to be verified and registered, it is important for you to ensure that what you give is truly true and candid information. The TEAS is the public record application system where you will fill out the forms to apply to register your trademark.  Once the registration is successful and complete, you receive an email with the registration number as well as other supportive documents to show the ownership of the trademark.You may further read about trademark, go to


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